Travel Adventure to Tennessee

So I took a trip with my mom up to Tennessee to see my niece Bella for her third birthday. We flew, so if you’ve been following along you already know flying for me is crazy. We got to the airport and it’s my turn to go through security and I tell them I have a pacemaker. I’m pulled aside around the scanner and given a very thorough inspection at 6am. Not the good morning I was hoping for. So we start our adventure and make it to Memphis find our luggage and family. Then off to the zoo to begin our adventure. the zoo was great except they had all food and concession stations closed only place to get a drink was at the front of the zoo. we figured that after we made it all the way to the back of the zoo. We survived the zoo and went home to see my sister’s new house and I got a room upgrade with a car bed. Thanks for letting me snag your room Julian.

The next day was Bella’s Birthday so we made a trip to walmart to grab party supplies. I found her a Paw Patrol Skye ride-on toy which she loves and we went back later that day to get Julian one too. They race them around the house. Birthday night was fun with a great dinner and then home for presents and “Frozen” party.

Thursday we kept Amber’s car so we could go find a bounce house. We found a epic bounce house. The house’s were huge had climbing walls and one room had a wipe- out style run that Julian was able to complete. Bella struggled on a big one with a climbing wall that got you to the top to then slide. She conquered it before we left though. She was determined and I was very proud.

Friday we all got up had breakfast then I took a nap after I woke up we made our plans. Let’s go tackle Memphis and see what trouble we can get into. We went to the Peabody Hotel and saw the Famous Ducks. Dinner was at charlie vergos rendezvous. One of the coolest restaurants I’ve ever been to. Bellies full we made our way to Beale Street and it was wild. I’m already planning to go back. Bella saw a horse and carriage on our way to dinner so I was looking all over for one. I saw one and took off to catch it. The sunset carriage ride around Memphis was beautiful.

Saturday time to head home and into a very unexpected crazy night. Flight from Memphis sat on runway due to backup in Atlanta. No big deal right ?, Wrong we got to Atlanta as a very dangerous thunderstorm was starting and the entire airport was on hold. We sat on a runway for nearly an hour as we watched the time tick away and next flight was boarding without us. We ran once our plane was able to get to the gate to find out we had missed our flight and would be staying in Atlanta overnight. We got our hotel voucher and made it to the hotel only luggage we had was all our dirty clothes no meds for me and my mom needed a contact lens keeper. So a new adventure began “Find Walgreens” We found it got what we needed then got some rest before it was time to be back at airport and on our way home.

So please feel free to post your crazy vacation stories in the comments……

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