The Underdawg

This past week I got some news that I wasn’t very thrilled about because numbers weren’t where I was hoping they were going to be in relation to my HIV situation. Getting the news was almost like being diagnosed again and it kind of broke me for a day sadly. It wasn’t as if the situation changed and the news was awful it just kind of shook me and reminded me that I am not Invincible, I’ve kind of played a character for the last 10 years that allowed me to hide that reality. That night I came home and really had to evaluate my situation and I was comforted by the fact that I had to get back to the mind set of being an underdog. I grew up watching The Karate Kid and Rocky and wanting to be a ninja turtle so being underestimated is actually a very good thing for me and gives me a point to prove and I promise I’m going to prove that point. Perception really is everything when dealing with situations you don’t have total control of you have to be able to control what you can and let the other situations be what they’re going to be there’s no point in using your energy and trying to change that. My focus now is the same as it was back before the appointment just continue working to get to the best health situation as I can.

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