Power of Music

Most of you already know I’m a DJ. Let’s go deeper into the power of music. After I was diagnosed music became a great escape from the noise of life. I had to reorganize myself and everything around me. Most of the music at that time was very dark angry and motivational. The first few months after diagnosis were just crazy and I hid inside of songs that fit those moments. While I was there I scooped up what I could of my shattered mind. Looking back I picked up way to much ego and anger. That’s what you all know now as D-REK. I also left a very angry dark creature in my mind that’s sole purpose is to wake me up after all the surgeries, and he’s really good at that job. Music has also created great memories being a DJ. Friends are all attached to different songs. One girl will always be “Ain’t no Sunshine when she’s gone.” Another is Legs by ZZ top.  DJ life was wild that’s for sure. I also create music playlists that I send to my doctors to play in O.R. Yes I DJ for a few moments in there my cardiologist is cool and spotify makes that trick easy now. I went into this latest pacemaker jamming to Prince – let’s get crazy.  That’s all I got to hear that day. The Ablation first song was Michael Jackson – Don’t stop ’till you get enough. That mentality backfired as the day lasted 9 hours. The night before the surgeries my personal song list is darker 3 Doors down – it’s not my time.  The final song is always Godsmack – I stand alone.  I keep everything lighthearted until it’s time to get dark then I go pitch-black.The cute nurses and fun medical teams help make things easier but inside I’ve turned off almost everything that makes me human.  The creature in my mind is in control he takes away the fear keeps me calm and allows me to keep the promise I made long ago to my family which is I’ll always walk back out of the hospital. I walked out of the hospital on my own after pacemaker. I had to take the wheelchair after the ablation wasn’t thrilled about that but nine hours was rough. I only spent 26 hours in the hospital total. I’ve gotten older and stronger which I never imagined. The music has a lot to do with that it sets my mind up for the fight ahead. So what’s your go to music on bad day’s ?

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