End of July

Started the month off getting to see my two cousins Hanna and Madeline. July 4th we convinced my grandfather to take the boat out to watch fireworks. Madeline had gone home but we loaded up Hanna Aunt Debbie Granny Grandpa and myself. It was a fun night full of fireworks, rain and 80’s music.  July I got diagnosed with a new hell called hemafacia Spasms. These things have been driving me crazy. I’m a old Terminator having a few glitches. Got medical team and tech teams on it. Did 2 new podcast interviews I’ll post links to those once they are released.now into August this year is going by way to fast. It needs to slow down because I’ve got a lot of toy drive planning left to do.  The Grinch has started his workout routine because this year we will completely fill the suburban and maybe some other cool cars so stay tuned.

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