It’s always funny when people call me D-REK because I know the true meaning and have to live with the wreck that is Derek’s life. D-REK is the fun DJ that has overcome all the pain that Derek has gone through. Derek is the guy that goes home alone to an empty room and a bunch of bad memories. D-REK was going home with beautiful girls earlier this year, until they saw through and caught a glimpse of Derek’s life of medicine and doctors. I’ve never been shocked when a girl walks away from me and onto find a guy that is healthy and can take care of them. I understand how difficult it is to stand beside me either in my personal or professional life they are both very hectic. D-REK is around to help Derek find the “one” and he isn’t doing a great job. Never send a guy with that name to find your future girlfriend ; ) To all my friends I wanna thank you for being in my life and supporting me through all my crazy decisions. I hope in the end all of this does make sense but so far it just makes a really crazy story.

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