Blog Challenge

Since I need to write more I needed ideas so I’m going to try this 

Day 1 : Basic Things , I’m short ,hilarious and cooler than your lame boyfriends. Well that was easy

Day 2 : likes 1. My dogs 2. video games 3. Agent J and Bella 4. DJing 5. Going to the movies 6. confusing doctors 7. flirting with nurses while heavily medicated 8. running the #EndTheStigma Campaign 9. Watching football 10. The fact when I’m in the hospital I’m known as the Terminator

Dislikes : 1. Big shocker MEDS!!!!!!!! 2. The amount of pain I’m in increasing yearly 3. I met my dream girl and I’m the train wreck. 4. I feel like I’m never good enough I’m chasing the ghost of what I could have been if I’d have been healthy. 5. My temper I hold everything in like I’m a Terminator then it usually explodes on those I care about which is awful. 6. When someone calls me buddy I hate that it’s what you call kids not 33 year old guys. 7. the fact I have to force myself to eat constantly to gain weight. 8. The realization this list has longer answers than the likes. 9. Getting older it’s just not fun. 10. Auto correct it makes me so ducking mad.

Day 3. Wake up get dogs up watch the news. Then go grab breakfast watch more news or catch up on DVR stuff. Usually lunch with Pop then off to run whatever errands the day hold. Go to Pop’s to see Nanny and probably be overfed even though we just came from lunch. Grandma rule “your not allowed to leave without being seen eating” Then watch news with Pop talk politics ,football, weather the classics. After that it’s usually dinner time so we all play the what do you want to eat game. When that’s decided we go eat then I come back home to deal with all my med crap. Yes I call it med crap that’s what it is. Nobody likes having to change oil in a car same type of aggravation. After that I’m relaxed on the couch with dogs waiting on the yawning of me and the dogs to begin. Then it all starts all over.

Day 4. Tumblr name I think is D-REK I use it more than my own name it’s cooler

Day 5. Five places I want to visit. 1. Portugal 2. Hawaii 3. New York 4. Greece 5. Australia

Day 6. Band or musician important to me. I like most music and I need it all to work so I like errrbody

Day 7. Do I read ? Yes but don’t tell everyone you’ll ruin my reputation. My favorite book is 48 laws of Power and I read the prologue to Romeo and Juliet before I have to speak in front of crowds just to get timing and pace of speech more professional.

Day 8. 3 things I want to say to different people. I guess I don’t name them or anything so here we go 1. Why did you always choose things that took you away. 2. I love you and I hate my health issues have ever caused you to worry. 3 I’m lost in this life without you, your my biggest supporter and have been since day one.

Day 9. pet peeves, I hate waiting I’m the most impatient person ever. That’s how you know God has a sense of humor let’s make him impatient and have him in waiting rooms ALOT !!!!!!!!!

Day 10. one food and beverage for rest of my life…….This is just mean. I’ll have a coke and crab legs

Day 11. Fav Quote, It’s a song lyric “I could have missed the pain but I’d had to miss the dance”

Day 12. I don’t know how to do that I’ll just tell you what it is. It’s Batman after killing superman and he is ripping the superman cape off. It reminds me you don’t need superpowers to overcome life’s challenges, even aliens.

Day 13. Three Confessions 1. My ego is writing checks my body can’t cash anymore. 2. I’ve actually convinced someone to not use a microwave when I’m around due to pacemaker. 3 I’ve asked a girl out to have her tell me she didn’t date short guys, I told her to give me a second I’ll stand on my wallet. That happened at work and yes my boss called me the next day to tell me how much he enjoyed the story. she called to complain and he laughed.

Day 14. I’m not adding pics you get the list. 1. Britney Spears 2. Jessica Simpson 3. Reese Witherspoon 4. Jessica Alba 5. Jennifer Lawrence.

Day 15. Sorry no pic bu she knows

Day 16. World’s Ending, I’m sure someone is going to call for me to DJ and that’s a truly once in a lifetime event so I’m not passing it up.

Day 17. Original Plan was Ninja Turtle but that doesn’t pay that well so…..

Day 18. Shows I’m addicted to, Thanks to Netflix this changes weekly. I like The Orville, Stranger Things, Below Deck

Day 19. Just Brunswick sadly

Day 20. I’ve been to some great concerts @BrunoMars is awesome and Garth Brooks to many concerts to name but that’s one of my favorite things to do is go to concerts (Hint Hint)

Day 21. turn on’s tall Blonde tan skin blue eyes southern accent Turn off’s People that invite me to the gym. Unless there is cake I’m not going to be seen at a gym what am I’m going to do there other than steal some big guys girlfriend.

Day 22. I wore jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt just imagine how awesome I looked

Day 23. A (that’s a letter maybe someone will enjoy that )

Day 24. 1. What would my life be like if I’d been healthy.  2. Why did I meet the perfect girl at the wrong time. 3 Do my dogs understand how much I need them to keep me laughing. 4. My Grandparents are awesome I spend most of my time with them lately.  5. Why must all my video game systems update so much. 6. Is there really a meaning to all this madness am I really helping #EndTheStigma of #HIV and #AIDS 7. At the end of the day I just want to make my life meaningful to someone, I hope I’ve either made you laugh or cry probably both that’s my goal. Remember to laugh the pain away.

Day 25. I’ll plead the 5th on this

Day 26. My dogs they warm and fuzzy

Day 27. Let’s just say I should have been a doctor, I have terrible handwriting. You don’t need to see that

Day 28. No I don’t wish for things on 11:11 That’s just cwazy

Day 29. A picture of me, just remember you asked for it 

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