Blog Challenge 2019 (Updated Daily)

  1. DJ for two very annoyed dogs, Talk to myself, Come up with awesome ideas then try to sell others on my ideas
  2. I’m Bluetooth now
  3. My friends will tell you a tall blond Female bartender
  4. Pajama pants and t-shirt
  5. SKIP
  6. Nobody yet waiting on Hooters to open then I’m sure I’ll find a girl I like
  7. It Happens
  8. Grandpa since he’s still recovering from a stroke
  9. Bailey she got me the other night she likes to give kisses. Silly little dog
  10. Humans are self destructive creatures
  11. Single, I’m looking around though
  12. Not a thing
  13. She comes to see me at work and sit’s on stage
  14. Bite my fingernails
  15. Yesterday was awesome got to DJ a great event and developed a strategy for a bigger social media presence
  16. Great sense of humor, I’m a charitable person, I try to be a good friend
  17. Missing a goal I’ve set for myself
  18. Disrespecting parents – I did it probably still doing it not sure I just try my best every day and I doubt I get it right often
  19. Seeing Bruno jump up at the door when I come home
  20. Wasn’t really an argument was just a discussion on some DJing decisions
  21. The open heart surgery left many issues I’ll never get over
  22.  1. I’m funny 2. I’m smart  3. I’m compassionate 4. I am a great public speaker. 5. I’m a old school gamer 6. I’m not a fan of current music I’m stuck in the 80’s on my personal playlists. 7. My dogs are cool and they run the #EndTheStigma campaign. 8. D-REK was created to help survive after the Aids diagnosis and the stigma that surrounds that. 9. I’m a hopeless romantic. 10. I kickass at crane machine games
  23. If the heart surgery was never done…… it’s known that the body corrects that issue overtime on it’s own
  24. 1. I’m sorry you didn’t get the healthy kid 2. I was really in love with you. 3. I hate I trusted you to get stabbed in the back  4. I miss being goofy with you and the deep conversations we had. 5. I don’t know how long I can keep fighting
  25. 1. Be honest with me 2. Laugh with me. 3. Trust in my music playlists 4. Understand I’ll need video game time. 5. You’ve gotta get along with Bailey and Bruno. 6. You may see me in hospitals and going through surgeries,just know I got this. 7. Don’t interfere with my DJ or Activist work unless I ask for advice. 8. I can always netflix and chill. 9. I’ll probably be the one to say I love you first. Please don’t get freaked out I just don’t know how much time we’ll have together. 10. If I get silent just be there.
  26. Catholic
  27. Younger sister that’ll attack and will destroy you faster than you could ever imagine. We are very protective of each other.
  28. It hasn’t happened yet
  29. see first page for photo
  30. I’m working on a video submission for a Ted event. Hopefully they will be impressed and call me

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