Birthday madness

Today started by going with mom to get Breakfast at McDonald’s. Birthday mcgriddle was awesome with a large caramel Frappuccino. Then I got ready for a lunch meeting downtown about the charity toy drive. That went well and I decided to go by and see my grandparents. They had bought me new tennis shoes and socks which I desperately needed. My grandfather reminded me I was born on all saints day. I responded by saying I know and can you believe not one of them has called or text me today.  Please no one get offended God sent me here with way to much sarcasm added. I was then off to get ready for dinner with my mom and sister Julian and Bella and Nanny asks Popop (mom’s parents) did a dinner with Granny and Grandpa and dad Sunday. Dinner was great I got some much needed clothes and more socks. I have little dogs they steal socks all the time. . Then after dinner the moment everyone comes to a birthday party the cake. Here is Bella’s reaction to being last one to get cake we then went to Home Depot my sister needed paint. I just helped chase kids. I taught them a paint can can be used as a drum. Julian learned a new favorite phrase “The Manager is coming” we told him that to try and keep him from running wild in the store. When he lost sight of one of us for a second he’d say it. I’ve never had so much fun in Home Depot. Now I’m off to bed tomorrow is back to work on all my projects. #EndTheStigma #DreksAngelsandWarriors

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