2020 Blog Challenge

  1. I talk to the dogs,bite my fingernails,make up crazy scenarios that’ll never happen
  2. I’ve become Bluetooth capable and I’m stronger and faster
  3. I’ll never tell
  4. Pajama’s (TMNT) I’m stylin
  5. They are usually taller than me
  6. She’s seen my good and bad side and she still talks to me
  7. Just don’t it causes way to much damage
  8. Covid rebound
  9. Bailey (Dog) she loves me
  10. Both take time away from family and just being present
  11. Single and looking for that special girl
  12. You used me to make someone else jealous. I have major trust issues after you
  13. Sit on the beach watch the stars and just talk
  14. I bite my fingernails
  15. I started playing Star Wars Battelfront 2
  16. I’m Funny, I’m a fighter, I can teach others how to walk through fire
  17. Family in danger, I know the monster inside me that awakens if they are hurt
  18. I never disrespected my mom but my father on the other hand
  19. Call from this one girl but she’ married now so that won’t happen anymore
  20. About going out to eat and then having people sit at table right beside us, No social distancing
  21. I really cared about her and she walked away with ease
  22. I read a lot, I know how to DJ, I’m a public speaker, I’ve ran three toy drives for kids in the hospital, I’ve tried to change the world, I’m a gamer, I am Bluetooth enabled, Five pacemakers and I’m still here, My x-rays look scary, I seem to get stronger every year, I started a campaign for HIV/AIDS patients
  23. If the doctors had never done the original heart surgery
  24. 1. I really loved you. 2. I’ll eventually destroy you 3. I still plan to change the world. 4. You never noticed the little things I did for you. 5. I tried to hide the monsters from you.
  25. Honesty that’s it
  26. Catholic
  27. Little sister is a badass vet tech
  28. Feb, going to Tennessee to see Julian and Bella
DJ me

30. I booked a podcast for Thursday

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