2017 look back

2017 was crazy to say the least.  It started with me DJing y drea gig at Ziggy’s on St. Simons Island. Then new management came in and I lost a night as they wanted to bring in new DJ’s mix up music and draw a new crowd. That sent be back in town to work one night a week. I quickly was reminded why I quit working in town. To many rude people the Island was full of tourist’s wanting to have fun. I got into an argument over music with a customer who thought her song requests should be played immediately. She caused a scene resulting in me losing both gigs as the two clubs had same management. I was lost now a homeless DJ. This would actually become the best thng to ever happen. Thankfully friends called and kept me busy with weddings and birthday parties. I found a ghostwriter and started writing the book of me. This has been the biggest project I’ve ever done. It’s been crazy working through it and realizing I’ve packed 3 lives into one. I also got more time to spend with my two favorite people Agent J and Bella. Uncle life is great I love it. They remind me life is about fun no matter where we are. Now I have a legitimate excuse to buy trolls and mickey mouse stuff without strange looks. Ended the year on high note by hosting a very successful toy drive.  Over 300 toys collected and $3,000 dollar donation from Milton Jay Wood company. The Hospital director said it was largest toy donation she’d seen in her six years there. I want to personally thank everyone who helped me create such a wild fun year. 2018 I’m ready !!!!!!!

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